5 of the most stylish cities in the world — and where to shop



If you have a keen interest in fashion and travel, then this list is for you. Just wandering around these cities will inspire your creativity and personal style, and if we’re completely honest, will probably inspire you to spend a lot of dough (which will obviously be worth it).

Each with their own unique merits, these are the cities you need to keep in mind when putting together your next overseas itinerary. Although your amazing new wardrobe will speak for itself, when you return home, you’re also sure to have bragging rights around the office.

1. New York

It only makes sense to start this list off with New York. The Big Apple, which was crowned the Top Global Fashion Capital in 14, is the epicenter of everything fashion related. From NYC Fashion Week –- the biggest event on the international fashion calendar – to street vendors, there’s no travel destination quite like NYC to satiate your fashion desires. Read more…

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