Riley the stoner ‘birthday dog’ shows up in North Korean propoganda



Riley, an Internet-famous dog with a dopey grin, has become the latest symbol of western decadence in North Korea.

North Korea’s state-run KCTV network used an image of Riley in a recent news segment decrying American extravagance. KCTV commentator Lee Chung-song tells the audience that Americans are throwing luxurious parties for their dogs while homeless people live in boxes, according to NK News, the North Korea-watching website that spotted the meme’s appearance.

Riley, a bichon frise / poodle mix, became a meme in 2010 after his owner Maureen Ravelo posted a photo of him on Facebook, complete with a paper hat and birthday cake. The photo quickly made its way onto Reddit and Riley became eternally photoshopped across the Internet as the “birthday dog,” recognisable for his particularly, um, stoned expression. Read more…

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